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On 24 March'2003 we spread via Internet the following Appeal to the peoples all over the World:


Europe, Bulgaria, Varna, Centre "Roerich"

"We appeal to all progressive-minded people.

We are learning about innermost laws and we know, that everyone of us has a great influence on his own fate as well on the fortunes of our planet through his own desires, thoughts and actions. The human thought is material and it has magnetic nature. Identical thoughts draw themselves: positive attracts the positive and negative attracts the negative. Now the Earth is in a great danger. Single our emanated thought is capable to tip the balance of the planet equilibrium in direction from Harmony-Beauty to Disharmony-Evil. It is time every person to take his own responsibility and to contribute to saving our common home - our Planet Earth.

Considering this, we appeal to all who is reading this letter simultaneously to radiate in the space a high beautiful thought - appeal to peace. It will form mighty wave, enlightening the dark aura of our Planet.

ADDITION. Considering the facts that the war continues to develop and drags away some other Europe countries, invited to join NATO, as a result of appeal of the American President for help to occupy Iraq using military means and unprecedented danger to the humanity risking to be absolutely exterminated, as well the crated threat to existence of the luminary called Earth - that is why we appeal to all right-minded people - to take an active part to save the peace on the Planet. Let we create through our strong and clear thoughts protective Light Shield over the Earth. Let every one of us in the course of 10 minutes sends in the space his sincere thoughts for the fast ending of the War, for Peace and Prosperity of all humanity.

We propose to make this every Sunday of the April - on 6, 13, 20 and 27 April and - on 30 March.


  • Greenwich - 15.00
  • Moscow - 18.00
  • New-York - 10.00
  • Sofia - 17.00
  • Vladivostok - 01.00

You are I Am - The Love, Light and Life of Creation!

Please, send this appeal to governments, foundations, firms, companies, to all your friends and all your circle of acquaintances!

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